Today, more and more businesses are competing to be recognized on the internet. Search engines have played critical role of ensuring internet users have indentified top sites. For this to be achieved, businesses and brands are supposed to implement Search Engine Optimization in order to be noticed by organic engines, and in turn, direct traffic to their sites. There are several companies providing SEO services on the market, and this could be a challenge since some may lack potential to provide professional services as may be required.

Tips to Consider when Hiring SEO Services

Before deciding which SEO company to hire to optimize your search engine rankings, you should first do an analysis of your website in order to understand its performance. This can be done by applying Google Webmaster Tools since they’ll show you a number of things identified by Google in your site. This would enable you make prompt decision when searching for SEO expert, as you already know what to expect from their service.

You should consult several professionals providing SEO service, and this would enable you to hire the most effective one. Since these professionals need more and more clients, they will gladly provide free consultation because it’s an opportunity get business. This is a chance to see whether the professionals are capable of providing the quality of service required.

Requesting for references from the professional is another way of ensuring they have done similar job in the past. When the SEO company provides references, you be able scrutinize them to see if the clients were indeed satisfied with the level work done. This is a perfect way of determining the potential and capability of the company you prefer to hire.

You should consider what you’ve budgeted for the service, as well as your financial ability. It’s not advisable to rush and hire a company simply because it’s offering cheap services. It’s not possible for an expert to predict how search engines would change in future. The performance of your website would depend on the service provided by the expert, and it would determine how much to pay them.

Skills and experience of the company to be hired should be considered. There may be many companies claiming to be providing SEO services, but some may not be qualified to offer professional services. The best service provider should have at least five years of experience, and possess the right qualification for this job.

After identifying a potential company to hire, find out about their certifications and licenses. If the expert has all relevant certificates, then you’d have confidence in their service. A company that has been approved by different regulatory bodies tends to provide satisfactory service for your SEO initiatives.

Another key aspect to consider is the website of the SEO expert you want to hire. You need to know how the main keywords of the company you’re planning are ranking on search engines. If the ranking is excellent, then it is a perfect one to hire to cater for your SEO needs.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. This software is convenient for upcoming businesses.

Xero manages most of central accounting tasks thus giving accountants a smooth time and less effort. It is flexible when working with different kinds of clients in different areas worldwide.

The ease in using of a software is the most fundamental issue when it comes to accounting especially when you have never used the software before.

Xero accounting  is promising as it is intuitive and simple to use. It serves your accounting needs very well. This makes it ideal for small business owners who independently handle their accounts as well as in cooperate accounts from different localities in the world. Risen Tech aim to use Xero accounting in co-operation with other apps you are assured of an insight of your day-to-day business’ performance.

Benefits of Xero accounting includes:

  1. Improved accessibility of your financial data; you can access it anywhere and on any device.
  2. 2.Xero can work hand in hand with other apps, its collaboration ability is not limited.
  3. It keeps your financial data up-to-date automatically.
  4. It provides a comprehensive review of your business status in real time and how its progressing, thus making it easy for the business owners to determine the trend.
  5. It backs up your business data automatically.
  6. It operates online, once you log in you are good to go.
  7. It doesn’t require any form of installation or maintenance as it is in the ‘cloud’.

What makes this software unique from others

  • Xero can send invoices online from any device whereas with the normal software you have to send from your own device.
  • Xero has a wide add-on community while the other software have a small add-on community.
  • Xero accounting enables customization of invoices while other software cannot customize invoices rather stick to the original templates.
  • Xero accounting doesn’t take any kind of primary inventory while the software does all that in one software package.


Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic and attention by using social media sites. If you have an online presence such as a business website, you need social media marketing to bring in more attention to your business. If the process is done effectively, you are likely to gain more sales than when you had no online presence.

The use of social media marketing campaigns has been on the rise because of the advantages they have offered to a business. Here is how to kickstart your social media campaign to promote your business.

Creating a realistic campaign

It is like any other business objective that you would like to achieve at the end of the day or year. Come up with a strategy that can be met easily with available resources. Most people tend to make campaigns that might have false hopes. You cannot expect to gain over 100000 followers on Twitter in a year when your business is still new. Give it a smaller figure of 5000 per year, which is easily attainable.

Choosing the right social media site

Social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. New social media sites are coming up each day, be sure to choose the one that works for your business. It might involve some research to find the right social media. Consider the number of people visiting the social media each day, month or year. The more the people are visiting, the better for your business.

Promote the campaign

A common mistake most people make about social media marketing is that they forget to promote the campaign. Just because you have an online presence, it does not mean people will know about the business. You will have to combine with other methods of online marketing such as email marketing and advertising to get the word out about the business.

Offer the right prizes

A common trend in social media marketing includes a site offering to give its clients free iPads when they do not manufacture them. Offer prizes based on the products that you sell as a company. It would be better to expose most of your products to many people rather than promoting iPads that do not increase value to your business brand.

Google AdWords is an advertising service where advertisers compete to display brief advertising content. The results are displayed in the Google search engine and on web pages from those results.

AdWords offer the cost-per-click (CPC) advertising where the advertiser gets a pay-per-click charge. Advertisers also pay for cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost per mille (CPM) advertisement. Other AdWord campaigns are site-targeted text advertising, rich-media ads and banner advertising as well as re-marketing or re-targeting.

The adsword program can be local, national, regional and international distribution. The basic structure of the adword is a headline of 25 characters, followed by two lines of 35 characters each and a URL link of 35 characters.

Google adwords ad extension

Adword extensions can help maximize your ads without additional expenses. They also require minimal setup time. These extensions are:

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Offer Extensions
  • App Extensions

Site-link Extension

These offer you the ability to add more landing pages. If the searcher also knows what they exactly want, and it happens to be on the additional pages, then they can go right to it.

Call Extensions

This allows one to include their phone details. This is helpful now that Google does not allow one to include their phone number in the within ad copy.

Location Extensions

These are particularly helpful if you have a business that will gain customer base because of its proximity to them. A raw material business is a good example and so is a food delivery service. Also, by linking your Google place account to you adword, you make your ratings be eligible to appear alongside your location extensions.

Offer Extensions

These provide advertisers an option to include offers in their ad copy. When a user clicks the ‘view offer’ option, they are taken to a landing page where they can get an option to save of print the offer. This is good for products that perform poorly online. Ideally once the client visits the physical store, they are likelihood to come back.

App Extensions

Using this extension, you get to place links to your app page. The viewer will then click the view this app link if they are interested. This gives the owner of an app the chance to get clients to their app page to learn more about and possibly buy or download it.

Other extensions

Google will automatically apply certain extensions like Seller ratings and social Annotations when you meet their criteria.

Google Adword structured snippets extensions

As shown in the above image, structured snippets extension show under the ad copy and above any site-links. These extensions are not clickable, instead they offers a little more information to the searcher. You are limited by the choice of header. The header must come from a predetermined list of 12 categories of content. Then you are allowed to add up to 10 headers under that category with a minimum of 4 headers.

Each header has 25 characters limit. The same rules that apply to call-out and site-link extensions apply with the addition of the requirement that your chosen values be relevant to your chosen header. This is because in the finished ad, the predetermined header will appear with a colon followed by a list of your values.


What the heck is SEO? If you have launched a website, started a blog or a vlog, or attempted any sort of e-commerce, the term has come us at least once.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is not a hard concept to grasp. It is the inclusion or repetition of data that lets search engines know what your page is about. This helps the algorithms used by Google, Bing or Amazon (yes, Amazon functions much like a search engine) find your page and show it to anybody who might be interested.

What kind of data? Well, it’s more than just hashtags and keywords, although those can be helpful. Search engines like Google want to know that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and offers quality information/products. Positive reviews, links, pingbacks, unique content and social networking all help to optimize your site for search engines and move you up to the first page of search results.

So who is out there teaching regular people like you and me how to get the most out of SEO marketing? Below is a list of 7 blogs that anybody interested in the science of digital marketing should be following.

  1. Hubspot Blogs

Lots of great content on how to make great content and case studies of real-world companies who are doing it right.

  1. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO

A personal look at technology, marketing, and SEO. The blog is chock full of tips, tidbits, and reflections.

  1. Search Engine Land

It is the how-to guide about everything Google. This site should be the SEO novice’s bible.

  1. Social Media Examiner

For those of us who rely heavily on social networking and social marketing, this site is an invaluable resource on how to do it right and get the most out of your connections.

  1. UnMarketing

This irreverent and often hilarious blog examines all the ways modern marketing and PR fail, and how you can succeed by NOT doing what the pros are doing.

  1. SEO Book

A great blog for those who are fairly tech savvy and want to stay abreast of all the SEO related trends, news, and resources.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

This is a wonderful resource for those who rely heavily on content to drive traffic and sales. The information is accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of competency.

Like most things in life, the only way to become proficient in SEO is to get out there and try. The list of resources above will help you pick up tips, techniques, and advice from those who have gone before you. But the truth is the only way to know what combination of elements will work best for you is to experiment. What has worked for others may not be a good fit for you; finding your niche and perfecting your strategy will take time and courage. The rewards, however, are worth the effort.


When recently reading through a multitude of articles regarding content marketers, I came to the realization that there are some articles that give advice on how to increase the quality of a certain piece; however, these same articles also do not really give good enough advice on how to actually become a better content marketer.

It’s no secret that creating useful and original content as quickly and efficiently as possible is extremely important. The big question, however, involves how to make this process a common part of our overall mental framework. A big part involved content marketers being asked about what they personally thought were the common habits of a content marketer. Below are the top eleven reasons they were able to come up with.


The best way to promote and share all of your content is to not only keep in touch with your current friends, but also making new friends by networking, especially via social media. This means that you will also need to contribute to various websites and companies in order to help other content marketers succeed at the same time.


It’s always important to listen to your core audience, even though the main goal of a content marketer is to have their voice heard by other individuals. The best way to achieve this is to read emails and social media messages from your readers, as well as emailing these same readers yourself to help determine what specific issues that they may be having.


As human beings, it’s only natural for us to read thousands upon thousands of different things on a regular basis; however, we often fail to bookmark important things to use as reference points later on down the road. As a content marketer, this is also another point of importance. Take the time to make notes, take photographs, or screenshot important documents that you feel will be of some eventual importance to your projects.


As a content marketer, you are certainly no stranger to creating new and unique content for other people to check out. However, there may be instances where your own form of creativity may not be enough. You may find yourself needing to rely on other individuals’ insights regarding content that you are creating or planning to create. There are various ways to obtain this information, such as written question-and-answer sessions and verbal interviews.


By watching how other content in your area performs, you will be able to effectively see what works and what doesn’t. This will help you, as a content marketer, to spot specific patterns in order to help you improve your skills.


You’ve likely heard the phrase “quality over quantity” at some point in your life. This is a phrase that most definitely applies to content marketers. Make quality a big part of your creative process, as not only will it help you be different than other content marketers, but it will certainly help you get noticed as well.


As a content marketer, it’s always important for you to look at your own creations as if you were a reader and asking yourself whether or not what you’re looking at provides a sense of value. This is even more helpful if you are able to understand who your audience truly is, especially since they may likely be able to help you with all of your various content marketing efforts in the long run.


There are many content marketers who are able to come up with ideas for topics on a passive basis, mainly thanks to everyday experiences that they may be having. This is something that also requires some form of organizational skills as well, meaning that content marketers are rather meticulous in terms of keeping track of all of the ideas that they have.


In order to obtain a deeper understanding of their core audience, content marketers are always encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. This will help a content marketer to determine facts including what their audience likes, what they dislike, and what their overall reaction may be to a particular piece of content.


Perhaps the most important quality that any content marketer can possess is ambition. This means going beyond simply striving to be better than a competitor – this means striving to be better than literally everyone else, regardless of who they are.


Another important thing that content marketers should keep in mind is that curiosity is considered to be more of a trait than a habit, but there’s also nothing wrong with content marketers being curious about anything. This involves asking questions regarding issues such as why someone new decided to join a company or asking someone in an important position what they are worried about the most. This information can be used by content marketers to develop true inspiration to create wonderful pieces of content.


The main responsibility for content marketers, again, is to provide their readers with content that is valuable to them. Content marketers can become better at their work when they are able to develop strong frameworks for how they not only think about content, but also the processes that they use to create that content.