Updating the Company’s Twitter Feed

Twitter is an excellent way to connect with clients. Twitters is the social media of choice of the millennial generation. They like to interact about many different topics on Twitter, and love getting responses. When a company engages in Twitter advertising, they gain an entirely new age demographic as an audience. Their clients will enjoy tweeting about their products if the company puts out a compelling enough reason for them to.

One great way that Twitter can be used is to host contests. When a company hosts a contest via Twitter, they get all their clients to tweet out the contest hashtag in hopes of winning the prize. People love to win anything, and the company will find many people willing to tweet their hashtag. The company can also include the instruction to like their Twitter page in order to be eligible for the contest. Once someone wins the prize, the company should ask the person to Tweet a picture of them with their prize and hashtag the contest. This will really generate buzz. The company can tell the person that they will send them a coupon if they Tweet out the photo for extra motivation.

Twitter advertising is all about giving people incentive to care about the company. This is usually through giving personal attention to their subscribers, but more importantly, making use of the tweets to get the company name out there. Twitter advertising is easy and mainly free, but it does take nurturing to gain and maintain a following. The marketing department of a company should regularly update the Twitter account in order to stay relevant. The Canadian police even have Twitter accounts for many of their local departments, so this shows how this platform has potential to inform and engage people all over a city. Twitter advertising can bolster revenue for a company when done correctly.