Traditional Marketing– Distributing Flyers: When? Where? Why?

Now, businesses are competing against one another to gain the market share. To become an established business and have good reputation in the business world, effective marketing strategies are needed to support the development of the business. There are various forms of the strategies; distributing flyers, advertising on the public newspapers, journals and magazines, broadcasting advertisements on the television channels, putting advertisements on the Facebook pages and website pages, doing product promotion and advertising on billboards.
Among them, distributing flyers is one of the oldest marketing strategies and it is now used as a form of marketing. Some businesses usually attach the flyers of their products to local daily newspapers and some hand out the flyers in person. No matter which strategies are used, the most important point is to choose the right target audience. One of the world’s leading authorities on Marketing, Philip Kotler said: “Marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right places at the right time at the right price with the right communications and promotion.” For example, a Study Abroad Agency goes for promoting at the Fun Fair of a school. In this scenario, this agency chose the right target audience at the right place but not the right time. The students from that school were only interested in their School’s Fun Fair.

If this fair was the Education Fair, the scenario would inversely change. The exhibitors who come to the Fair have their willingness to know about the current educational trend and what are needed to study abroad. At that Fair, the Study Abroad Agency can promote their services. The best way of promoting products or services at a fair is distributing flyers to exhibitors and it is also the most effective way. Flyer is a type of media to communicate information of products or services to customers. Through flyers not only the businesses can introduce and promote their products and services but also the customers can have information of their products and services.

Sometimes, distributing flyers to passers-by can be seen. This way cannot help to attract the customers’ attention but it can make them annoyed. When they hand out flyers on the street, some people pretend not to see the flyer-distributors and most of the people take them and throw them along the street. Sometimes, flyers are clipped to the bell-ropes of houses. These ways of distributing flyers waste both finance of business, effort and paper. In addition, the streets and the roads are littered with flyers and they make land polluted. In the present time, all people around the world are facing the challenge of climate changes and natural disasters. The major causes of them are land, air, water pollutions. Therefore, people should run their businesses through the environmental-damage-free process.

As mentioned above, a form of marketing, distributing flyers accelerates the business development in its own way. To hand out flyers, the most important point is to choose the target audience at the right time at the right places for the right services. Jump to the advanced level, on-line marketing