Top 7 SEO Blogs of 2017

What the heck is SEO? If you have launched a website, started a blog or a vlog, or attempted any sort of e-commerce, the term has come us at least once.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is not a hard concept to grasp. It is the inclusion or repetition of data that lets search engines know what your page is about. This helps the algorithms used by Google, Bing or Amazon (yes, Amazon functions much like a search engine) find your page and show it to anybody who might be interested.

What kind of data? Well, it’s more than just hashtags and keywords, although those can be helpful. Search engines like Google want to know that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and offers quality information/products. Positive reviews, links, pingbacks, unique content and social networking all help to optimize your site for search engines and move you up to the first page of search results.

So who is out there teaching regular people like you and me how to get the most out of SEO marketing? Below is a list of 7 blogs that anybody interested in the science of digital marketing should be following.

  1. Hubspot Blogs

Lots of great content on how to make great content and case studies of real-world companies who are doing it right.

  1. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO

A personal look at technology, marketing, and SEO. The blog is chock full of tips, tidbits, and reflections.

  1. Search Engine Land

It is the how-to guide about everything Google. This site should be the SEO novice’s bible.

  1. Social Media Examiner

For those of us who rely heavily on social networking and social marketing, this site is an invaluable resource on how to do it right and get the most out of your connections.

  1. UnMarketing

This irreverent and often hilarious blog examines all the ways modern marketing and PR fail, and how you can succeed by NOT doing what the pros are doing.

  1. SEO Book

A great blog for those who are fairly tech savvy and want to stay abreast of all the SEO related trends, news, and resources.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

This is a wonderful resource for those who rely heavily on content to drive traffic and sales. The information is accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of competency.

Like most things in life, the only way to become proficient in SEO is to get out there and try. The list of resources above will help you pick up tips, techniques, and advice from those who have gone before you. But the truth is the only way to know what combination of elements will work best for you is to experiment. What has worked for others may not be a good fit for you; finding your niche and perfecting your strategy will take time and courage. The rewards, however, are worth the effort.