Content Marketing – The Future Of Advertising

Content marketing has become a buzz word in recent years, but why has it become so popular, and what exactly is it? This article looks at what content marketing can achieve, and why the need for it has become so important.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a move away from traditional advertising. Whereas in the past, advertising was primarily focused on selling a product, content marketing strategies involve educating the consumer about the product with the goal of converting them into customers. It is the latest move among companies keen to corner a share of the market, from multi-national firms like P&G and Microsoft, to small businesses.

What Does Content Marketing Involve?

Content marketing involves generating a constant and regularly updated stream of content to keep customers focused on a company and their products and services. The content must be relevant and engaging enough to change consumer behavior. It often harnesses the power of social media, video upload websites such as YouTube, and blogging to communicate with customers, offering them interesting features and engaging information.

Why Has Content Marketing Become Important?

In the 21st century, consumers have been exposed to so much advertising over the years that they have begun to mentally disengage. Technology has also given us clever methods of actually switching off advertisements, with the ability to record TV programs and then play them back minus the ad breaks, or simply to use catch up TV services without any advertising at all. The idea of “selling” a product has become jaded and messages that are purely promotional, whether on TV, online or via social media is now considered to be “spam”. Customers are becoming more intelligent, and therefore need a more impressive and clever form of advertising, which is where content marketing steps in. Businesses have discovered that the key to retaining existing customers, as well as generating new ones, is not to constantly send out purely promotional messages, but to frequently deliver informative and valuable content that customers actually enjoy and share.

What Forms Can Content Marketing Take?

Content marketing can take many forms, including the following:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media conversations
  • Videos via YouTube or other video sites
  • Podcasts
  • Visual content
  • Apps
  • Content generated by users

When companies harness the power of content marketing, they generally find that they achieve higher rates of success. No wonder it has become so popular in recent times, and there is every sign that content marketing will continue to go from strength to strength in the future. Read more and learn more about Content Marketing at Content Marketing Institute.